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Our Services

· Industrial investment consulting
· Outsourcing
· Market research
· Project management
· Mergers and acquisitions

Renewable energy

Renewable energy represents everything which comes from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, water, and geothermal heat, which are renewable (naturally replenished)

Octogon Invest is active in the field on Renewable Energy development projects. The business activities in this respect are being grouped in 2 main fields:

1. Representation of existing Renewable Energy production units or projects ready for execution toward investors, investments funds.
2. Participation in project development: project funding, engineering services via our professional partners, obtaining authorizations, Etc.

For the success of our endeavourer we strongly rely on our networking abilities, extensive partner relationship with project developers and investors, and the professional expertise of our partners.

Industrial investment consulting

Start up production in Romania: lower costs higher competitiveness!

Our services:
· Creating feasibility studies, project plans
· Value Chain Analysis
· Searching for local suppliers
· Building up local suppliers
· Mapping potential locations
· Prospecting qualified human resource availability

Create new opportunities for your company by OUTSOURCING to Romania

Our OUTSOURCING services:
· Searching for provider companies
· Acquiring information on the companies
· Contact making / Preparation of visits
· Assisting Start-up of outsourcing: legal, financial, logistics

Through outsourcing companies attempt to reduce or eliminate its non-core areas of functioning. Outsourcing is based on the principal that no organization can perform all of its activities optimally and with same efficiency as others.
In general companies outsourcing wish to have a certain control over the production process at the provider company.

Romania due to its favourable political and economic climate is one of the preferred destinations for outsourcing labour intensive production in a wide range of fields: from the automotive industry, to the IT sector.

Market research = Business Intelligence

Providing primary research of the local market.

Market research for entering the Romanian market with your services or products.

Our services:
· target market analysis
· field research conducted by specialist of a certain domain
· listing potential partners, customers: retail, industrial, etc.
· legal and financial advising for import - export activity

Investment Project Management

Our customers are foreign small and medium size companies.

We Create/manage project plans to meet deadlines, budgets and defined project.

Our services
· Creating feasibility studies, project plans
· Legal and financial set up: registering Co, fiscal registration, starting up accounting
· Assistance in selecting location (available human resource, transport infrastructure, etc.)
· Arranging facility: rent, purchasing, contact to trustful constructors in case of Greenfield investment
· Organizing selection of personnel
· Assistance in setting up logistics: transport, customs

Romania is one of the most preferred countries for relocating production capacity, due mainly to the relative cost of labour.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

If you want to add significantly to the shareholder value of your company by lowering production costs and maintaining quality, merging with a Romanian company or acquaring a Romanian company could be the right solution.

Our services:
· Preliminary research of the local market in your field of ineterst
· Value Chain Analysis
· Research for local companies interested in M&A
· Organizing the auditing of shortlisted companies
· Looking up quilified legal and financial consultants, auditors, tax experts

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